Green Tea For Weight Loss – How Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

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You are not the only person who thinks that keeping the body fat and excess weight off is more difficult than gaining it. That’s probably why you are interested in finding out the weight loss benefits of green tea whether it is as good as some people say, or if it’s just all hype. The good news is, all those questions you have will be answered today.

green tea extract weight loss

Some History of Green Tea

Much like many other alternative medicine still in use today, green tea also originates from China, approximately 4,000 years ago. This plant has traveled Asia-wide and has been part of most civilizations in the Orient ever since. The green tea leaves were first used as topical drugs to heal wounds, and even control bleeding.

It is uncertain how it first came to be but it is generally believed to have resulted from an incidental boiling of tea leaves that produced the now prominent tea.

The Chinese had made all the efforts using the technology of their time to record and study its healing benefits. It was recorded in the Japanese literature; the Kissa Yojoki (roughly translated to Book of Tea). It was written by Zen priest Eisai and has discussed the tea’s medicinal effects that can alter urinary, brain, and digestive problems among many others.

green tea helps you lose weight

How Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

In this section, we will talk about how green tea benefits weight loss. Its main components include catechin, polyphenol and ECGC. We’ll discuss every component and its relevance to weight loss in awhile. For the meantime, I’d like you to be acquainted by each of the mentioned components first.

  1. ECGC (epigallocatechin gallate) – According to many reliable studies, this compound can aid in detoxification, improve brain function through neurogenesis and even help prevent heart diseases. It improves the fat burning process by increasing the level of norephineprine which is the hormone in charge of your alertness. This hormone also acts as a trigger to your glucose release system which means it is what helps your body burn more fat.
  2. Polyphenol – The bioactive compound and antioxidant when in conjunction with caffeine triggers and increases thermogenesis (your body heat increases by burning fat), a process known to boost 4% of metabolic rates without increasing heart rates.
  3. Catechins – This antioxidant is present in many healthy beverages such as tea and coffee. It is responsible for inhibiting free radicals that cause cancers and many degenerative diseases. It also aids in good digestion for further cleansing while on your way toward weight loss.

Other notable green tea weight loss benefits:

  • It helps suppress appetite so no binging happens in the first place. It does this by activating the sympathetic nervous system through the peptide hormones called catecholamines. Its known effect includes reduction in the desire for food.
  • In one study by Higdon and Frei (2003), it even revealed that catechins are rapidly metabolized proving the earlier assumption that it’s good for good digestion. In another study by Hasumura et al (2012), administration of green tea extracts can effectively reduce belly fat.

oolong tea appetite suppressant

Other Types Of Weight Loss-Inducing Teas

Most of the weight loss and health components in green tea can also be found in other teas:

  1. Oolong – It has the highest antioxidant content that helps reduce LDL (just short for bad cholesterol). Due to this, it is normally used to combat obesity.
  2. Black Tea – It is a slightly processed tea made from fermented leaves. It has the caffeine content and is known to guard the lungs against damage from smoke inhalation. It is also applicable for stroke sufferers.
  3. Rose Tea – Its special effect is notable due to tea leaves combined with rose petals. It helps prevent constipation and helps clear toxin while rejuvenating thse skin.
  4. Hoodia Tea – Extremely rare nowadays but has once helped South Africans to suppress hunger.
  5. Dandelion Tea – Generally helps in water weight reduction and is mostly considered a diuretic and detoxifier.

How To Lose Weight With Green Tea

Drinking green tea in combination with taking it in the form of supplements is probably the most effective way you can get enough of the EGCG without overloading on caffeine.

In regards to drinking other types of tea in combination, firstly you need to start with detoxing. To lose the excess body fat and weight permanently and fast, you will need to get rid of the toxins first and foremost. Rose tea and dandelion tea are great for that.

The black tea, Oolong and green tea have great fat burning properties, while Hoodia tea and green tea work best as natural appetite suppressant. There are also dietary supplements that combine Hoodia and green tea together for the purpose of appetite suppressing.

How Much Green Tea For Weight Loss Should You Drink Per Day?

According to Harvard School of Public Health, this natural beverage can be taken from a range of 0 to 40 fl oz or ideally 28 fl oz. Three to four cups can be already moderate as a healthy routine on a daily basis.


This number of cups can already supply the body more than enough catechins to get enough of its antioxidant properties. But just a warning, high amounts of green tea extracts must not be taken with an empty stomach since excessive levels of ECGC can cause hepatotoxicity affecting the liver. For the purpose of weight loss, 90- 270 mg of ECGC is ideal to facilitate weight loss.

Side Effects And Precautions

  • If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, lower dosages are encouraged since the beverage contain caffeine.
  • Green tea and folic acid won’t go well together. The green tea is probably not the best beverage for anemic patients who regularly take folic supplement.
  • It contains caffeine so if you are taking any medications or physical problems that interacts with caffeine then you might want to use a decaffeinated green tea supplement.
  • Generally, researchers have not found any other alarming contraindications with tea drinking even in high dosages.
  • Studies show that toxicity will only appear when cup intake reaches an equivalent of 1,200 cups per day. So it is a safe bet that you won’t get any side effects by drinking green tea and it is medically safe for daily consumption since it is natural.

Green Tea Weight Loss Results

Are you already getting excited about the weight loss promise of just drinking green tea? Well, we’ve got some more good news for you. In one study consisting of 35 Japanese men, introduction of green tea in their diets significantly decreased excess body fat within just three months.

One of them lost 5.3 pounds compared to another group of non-tea drinkers in the experiment who just lost 2.9 pounds.

It can be presumed that these results may vary depending on how active a person is as well as their pre-existing body fat while on a green tea diet. With that said, a three-month period is considered impressive given that the participants did not maintain any improved diets or significant exercise.

Take Green Tea To Lose Weight – Supplements Versus Tea Drinking

Have you been attentively reading so far? Or were you just skimming and skipping throughout? Well, just in case you missed it, we have included some minor drawbacks of drinking excessive amount of green tea.

In drinking green tea there is no standardized amount of ECGC (the part of green tea that causes weight loss). That’s the point, if you choose to drink green tea for the purpose of weight loss, you will not be sure of the exact amounts of ECGC you will get.

And as for weight loss purpose, not knowing how much ECGC you get you would need to drink huge amount of green tea to make sure you get enough. But then you might end up getting too much caffeine. If you want to cut on caffeine but still want the proven slimming effects of green tea’s bioactive components as discussed earlier, taking green tea extracts in the form of supplements can provide the same results without the added caffeine while maintaining safe ECGC levels.

To further support that claim, a study by Henning, SM et al (2004) claims that in comparing the effects of green tea, black tea and supplements, the latter has been found more superior in terms of nutrient absorption in the blood stream.

It is believed that taking green tea weight loss supplement, ECGC and antioxidants are better infused into the blood as compared to its liquid counterparts.


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