Green Tea As A Herbal Appetite Suppressant

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I happened to think that most over-the-counter appetite suppressants can be just a bunch of hype or just flat-out unhealthy. I had that belief until my discovery of green tea extract and what it can do. This natural appetite suppressant supplement is what I now use and recommend to friends and family as an option.  Not only have these natural appetite suppressant pills been proven to curb appetite, they also have many other benefits that will be crucial for people who are on diet.

Benefits Of Taking Green Tea As An Appetite Suppressant

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Asians are known to be cultural people that have a thing for green tea, but this is one drink that is popular across the world. For the Asians, green tea is a ceremonial drink as well as a delicious beverage that goes well with most foods.

The green tea leaves and their medicinal properties are well-recognized. Its health benefits including those of aiding in weight loss have been of particular interest to the Western World. This is responsible for making green tea more popular than the much adored black tea. With focus on weight loss, the tea has properties that are known to suppress a person’s appetite.

Is Green Tea Extract The Best OTC Appetite Suppressant For Women?

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Research show that it is an effective natural appetite suppressant among a few others. Green tea lowers appetite by breaking down catecholamine. As a natural appetite suppressant, green tea has properties that inhibit the effect of Catecholamine, which is a collection of two peptide hormones called dopamine and norepinephrine.

It also activates the sympathetic nervous system and as a result green tea extract is believed to work as a natural appetite suppressant. Scientific studies on the green tea show that ECGC is the chief compound in the tea. The compound helps control the effects of an enzyme from breaking down that would otherwise affect the catecholamine. The chain reaction for this process is what causes a person to have a low appetite.

This simply means that as we tend to overeat to compensate for the bad feeling or depression, green tea extract puts us in a better mood and makes us feel more relaxed and happy. As the result of the better mood from taking the green tea extract, we don’t need to snack or overeat to feel good.

Other Weight Loss Impacts From Taking Green Tea Extract

If you find such facts to be fascinating then you should also look into the other weight loss benefits of taking green tea pills. Here are some other weight loss impacts that you can expect from consuming green tea;

  • It stimulated the production of cholecystokinin (CCK) – The body usually responds to eating by releasing cholecystokinin in the intestines that are used to tell the mind that the body has had enough food. Taking green tea stimulated the body to produce more of cholecystokinin (CCK) hormones in the stomach which immediately starts lowering the appetite since the mind thinks the body has enough food.
  • Increases metabolism – While lowering the appetite is one of the ways of dealing with body weight, the other is burning of body fat. Green tea has polyphenols that work together with ECGC that acting on fat rather than acting on the proteins. This is through increasing thermogenesis with is production of heat with demand fat production of energy. Such a product can be quickly achieved by burning fat. The energy production from the burning of body fat is higher in people who take green tea than in those not having the tea with figures standing at 41.5% and 31.6% respectively for each group. The study concludes that EGCG in green tea extract allegedly turns your body into fat burning machine.

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Other health benefits of taking green tea appetite suppressant

A positive effect of taking products that boost the body’s ability to burn fat is strengthening your heart health as it lowers bad cholesterol that would otherwise clog your arteries and cause your heart to overwork and fail.

With that said, too much caffeine can be consumed if you drink too many cups of green tea a day. Some of the green tea products with too high caffeine concentration will also contribute to hyper heart rates, tension, and anxiety. These are just a few of the effect of taking thermo-genic agents.

A healthy alternative to such is decaffeinated green tea extract. You can enjoy the positive effects of green tea without the jittery feeling from having too much caffeine. 

It also helps reduce anxiety. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, an American College of Osteopathic General Practitioners certified physician, green tea is a natural health product that help prevent many chronic diseases that are caused by anxiety and stress.

Any side effect of taking green tea natural appetite suppressant pills?

There is yet to be any recorded adverse side effects of taking green tea. The question issues are that of having high polyphenol in the system due to taking too much tea, which can inhibit the absorption of minerals.

The other is high toxicity in the system but it is only achievable if one takes 1,200 cups of green tea in a day, which is impossible even for a 150-pound person.

Best appetite suppressant reviews – What is the best otc appetite suppressant?

I cannot be the judge of that but I’m going to tell you what I’ve used and considered to be the best. At least this is the product that I recommend to my loved ones.

Proshape Rx


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Not only does this product contain green tea polyphenols, it also has Hoodia Gordonii extract, white kidney bean extract (carb blocker), Beta Vulgaris from beet root to help with liver metabolism, White Willow (bark) – Salix Alba to accelerate fat burning, l-methionine, as well as a  powerful fat binder called chitosan.

It promises to:

  • Help curbs appetite
  • Work as carb blocker and fat binder
  • Give more energy
  • Make you burn more fat
  • Help you build more muscles


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