3 Tips to Burn More Calories Throughout the Day

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So going on extreme diet is not your thing? Still it seems dropping some weight and getting fit are always on your to-do list. Not to worry. It’s best to start small and work your way up. Change these simple habits that will make you lose weight gradually without limit yourself to your cravings

weight loss tips

If you live with people who only think of bad diet and get blocked, these tips can help you lose more calories during the day.

  • Eat breakfast – Calculate how many hours have you not eat when you wake up. If your body gets enough nutrients, you will feel full till dinner. Your body can survive and function well more than 12 hours without food. Breakfast is key for glucose to fuel your activities and not feel tired or irritated from the start of the day. Also helps you avoid mid-day get stuck on the first thing you encounter.

Tip: A sandwich, a fruit and a stick or a ham with bread rolls are simple and quick to leave home before options.

  •  Get more strength exercises – Besides cardiovascular activities (like jogging, elliptical or dance) that are essential for burning calories, it is even more important to get more muscle, the more calories you consume.

Tip: Try to include in your routine at least 3 sets of 10 repetitions of push-ups, squats, crunches and other exercises for every muscle in your body.

  • Make sure to eat two snacks between meals – Eat something light mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Activate your metabolism and avoid getting too hungry before eating your next meal.

Tip: Choose from a handful of salted peanuts with blueberries, a fruit or a cup of soy milk.

Try these tips for one week and incorporate these tips into your life. Not only will return to your ideal weight, but you will feel more energized during your day.

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